A Legacy of Progress

We have embraced challenges and thrived thanks to 80 years of bold decision-making, passion and pioneering spirit – ours is a history built by exceptional people. That is the UNITED CAPS way: past, present and future. This is a celebration of the achievements of those people.

Benoit Henckes - CEO, UNITED CAPS

We’re not only proud of our storied legacy, we’re also excited for the next 80 years. We asked the UNITED CAPS family, “What comes Next?” - here’s what they told us.

Moments that made UNITED CAPS.

Our journey began as the dream of our first two CEO’s Ernest Henckes and René-Victor Gaasch.


It took the name Resibel after the district where it all began in 1939. A family business that grew through a variety of incarnations and acquisitions  into a family of over 600 that create breakthrough closure technologies that perform as well in the plant as they do in the hand.

Constantly evolving to stay a decisive step ahead has always formed the basis for UNITED CAP’s thinking.


Our evolution from producer of bakelite products to trailblazer in the packaging industry is a unique and remarkable one. UNITED CAPS is now playing a crucial role in the development of total packaging solutions pioneering technologies like in-mould labelling, bi-injection and tethered closures.

CEO Benoit Henckes joined the organisation in 1993.


He has overseen an ambitious programme of merger, acquisition and growth transforming UNITED CAPS into a global player.  On October 17th 2019, this remarkable transformation was cemented when he officially inaugurated the first plant outside of Europe in Kulim, Malaysia.

A Legacy of Progress

Through a potent mixture of acquisition and growth, we've transformed over 80 years into a global manufacturer that's Close to You.


Our Golden Moments

Great brands from around the world have partnered with UNITED CAPS to create breakthrough closures, here’s some examples.


Lighter-weight, more environmentally-friendly snap caps for infant milk powder cans


A safe pair of Hands for Agrochemicals

GREENER Closures

The road to GREENER closures…


SMARTER closures, making it easier to quickly identify a genuine product


Off the shelf solutions for on the line performance


One cap, dual function



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